Renovations increase the value of real estate and make them safer and more comfortable. Secured home loan is an outlet for those who need credit at this time.

That real estate is a property that is valued continuously, that everyone already knows. What not all homeowners understand is that the property that was built 15, 20 or 30 years ago needs constant maintenance to keep its valuation high and to avoid damage to residents. There is no way: renovation is part of the life cycle of a property. And when done with proper planning and care, it can even enhance real estate investing.

If you have rental properties, keeping them in good repair is directly linked to the return on your investment . Already if you live in the property and are considering making a renovation, remember that the return is not only financial, but also in quality of life . Want more nuisance than sleep looking at that crack in the wall? Or lose that brand new wooden floor because of a plumbing overflow? It is not worth taking the risk.

Check out five important improvements you can make to value your property:

1. Change the electric and hydraulic pipes

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Lack of maintenance on the property’s electrical installations is a major cause of residential fires. That would already warrant special attention on this point. But that’s not all: updating wiring, nozzles, sockets, and switches prevents problems — and damage — with appliances. The same goes for water and sewage pipes.


2. Change floor of environments

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Floor wear is natural over time. What is unnatural is getting used to cracked ceramics and porcelain tiles or flawed wood floors. In addition to compromising the safety of those who live and walk around the house, damaged floors give a bad impression to the property as a whole, as they are easily visible, obvious flaws.


3. Make the property safer

3. Make the property safer

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where doors didn’t need locks and barred windows? Unfortunately, this is not the reality we live in and investment in home security devices is increasingly needed. Reinforcing walls and gates, installing camera systems, protecting doors and windows also adds value to the property.


4. Increase the number of rooms in the house…

4. Increase the number of rooms in the house…

You have seen this scene: the family has grown, the house has become small for everyone, but this is no time to change yet. A good makeover by reorganizing the environments can easily solve this issue. Remove a wall here, increase a retreat there, create another bathroom there. Suddenly you find more space where you never imagined!


5.… or shrink by increasing the size of the rooms

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This scene is not uncommon either. The children grow up and will build their own space. It’s part of life. But how about taking advantage of this moment of change to take away that old dream of enlarging the room? Or finally build your suite? Maybe turn an old room into an office?

Then you ask me, okay, but what about the money for the renovation? If you do not have a retirement fund, calm down, there is alternative. And it’s simpler than it sounds. Who owns a property can present it as collateral in hiring a mortgage that is free to use, ie, that can be used the way you want, including the reform of the property that is presented as collateral.

At Moncredi, the interest rate on home loan is only 1.14% per month. And the credit correction is made by the IPCA, inflation index that has been receding in the country. To give you an idea, Construcard’s interest rate, which is a popular option for buying building materials, is 2.5% per month. The double! Not to mention the ease of being able to borrow real estate over the internet, something only a fintech like Moncredi can offer.

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