It is possible to obtain easy credit without proof of use of money, but not without a minimum of supporting documents. No easy credit can be obtained without justifying at least its financial resources. We will see which credits allow free use of the money once obtained, before seeing which are the easiest to obtain. has details

What is an easy credit without proof of use?

What is an easy credit without proof of use?

There are two categories of consumer credit: credit without proof of use and credit with compulsory proof. There are also mini-credit offers, allowing you to borrow small amounts ($ 1,000 or less) to be reimbursed in less than 90 days, but they are not part of consumer credit. Three products therefore allow borrowing money without having to justify its use:

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit
  • The mini credit
Type of credit without proof What there is to know
Personal loan
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Amount: $ 1,000 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 12 to 60 months (sometimes longer)
  • Fixed APR rate very variable from one organization to another
Revolving credit
  • For a small loan (generally less than 4000 $)
  • Duration: 6 to 60 months maximum
  • Credit easier to obtain than a personal loan (fewer supporting documents)
  • High revisable APR rate
  • Cash reserve available at any time (express transfer or credit purchase)
Mini credit (-200 $)
  • High APR rate
  • Refund within 90 days maximum
  • Immediate transfer possible but sometimes subject to significant additional costs

Now let’s take a look at the supporting documents requested for each type of easy online loan. The objective of this article is above all to find easy and cheap credit. We will finally see that it is not necessary to rush to an easy loan without proof, at the risk of paying far too much interest.

Is the personal loan an easy credit without proof?

Is the personal loan an easy credit without proof?

Personal loan is a flagship product of online credit organizations, banks and other consumer credit players. Without proof of use, it allows you to consider all types of projects. Its rates are above all competitive, provided you compare. The amounts loaned as part of a personal loan can increase up to 30,000 USD, and more in some cases. Repayment terms sometimes reach 60 to 72 months, which can even go up to 84 months. It is therefore logical that the credit institutions check the capacity of repayment and the financial situation of the borrower. It is even an obligation, intended to minimize the risk of over-indebtedness.

Financially fragile people have a low chance of getting an easy online credit agreement. We will see in a second step that the revolving credit and the mini credit grant more flexibility.

Supporting documents for the personal loan

  • Tax notice
  • Salary slips (at least 2 last)
  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • RIB

The personal loan is not really an easy credit without proof. Generally, you always have to provide at least the latest tax notice to complete the credit agreement. A piece which is added to the most classic salary slip, to justify a stable situation The list goes on with the great classics (identity, proof of address, RIB) specific to all types of loans.

Good to know: people unable to provide a salary slip (self-employed, retired) replace this document with their tax notice.

Supporting documents but an attractive rate

The personal loan is not the easiest credit to obtain, but it does provide attractive APR rates. Be careful to take care to compare. It is indeed not uncommon to find on our comparator very significant disparities between the best specialists in online credit. Example with a credit of 10,000 USD over 48 months.

Comparison of personal loan rates $ 10,000 over 48 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 2.90% 220.73 $ 595.04 $
Organization 2 3.90% 225,04 $ 801.92 $
Organization n ° 3 5.70% 232,82 $ 1175.36 $

Revolving credit, easier to obtain but not given

Revolving credit, easier to obtain but not given

Revolving credit is easy credit without proof of use. It is at least simpler to obtain than the personal loan in terms of conditions and supporting documents. You usually don’t need to provide your final tax assessment to release funds from revolving credit. Certain acceptance criteria are also more flexible, such as the time spent in his current job or the type of contract. The sesame of the CDI is not systematically claimed within the framework of a revolving credit.

However, it is an easy loan without very expensive supporting documents. Its rates vary between 10% and 20%, varying according to the amount and the duration of repayment. Any request for credit 1000 USD to 4000 USD made on our comparator displays the best revolving credit solutions. The classification is established according to two criteria:

  • Chances of getting easy credit without proof
  • The level of the proposed APR rate

There is no point in looking for easy credit without proof that is impossible to obtain. This is why our comparator, connected to the main online credit organizations, is interested in both the acceptance rate and the APR rate. Just indicate an amount less than or equal to 4000 USD and let yourself be guided to obtain an immediate opinion, without obligation.

The mini credit, for a need less than 1000 USD

The mini credit, for a need less than 1000 USD

Some organizations specialize in mini credit, easy and without proof. It is not a consumer loan, since the repayment term never exceeds 90 days. This product is easy credit without proof, but it is extremely expensive. Its APR rate almost always reaches the wear threshold, around 20%. Easy money but not without risk. Interest is never exorbitant in relation to the short repayment period, but the repetition of requests can generate a risk of debt.

The easy mini credit (without proof of use) is indeed rather suitable for managing an emergency situation. However, when the emergency becomes repeated, the risk of over-indebtedness is present. These solutions should only be used in the event of a temporary glitch, otherwise you will get bogged down. We always advise to apply for revolving credit with small monthly payments rather than opting for a regular mini credit. The two most popular mini credit organizations are Viloan and Astro Finance.

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